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This is a collection of information about a game by Daniel Brockhaus called Mercenaries of Astonia, more informally and endearingly known as V2 (version two). Here lie screenshots, stories, characters, maps and more. The site also acts as an archive for later iterations of the game, i.e. player run servers.

The Repository’s mission is to record the content of Mercenaries of Astonia as well as its significance to both veteran players and those interested in researching a community of its nature.

Where next?

Above you will find linked tabs to archives of each of the various servers. Leading is Mercenaries of Astonia where it all began, the one and only original. Enjoy your visit and the nostalgia that’ll come with it.

To provide feedback or resources please Write in. The more resources you’re able to supply, the friendlier the reply!

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